Shared workspace

Shared Workspace

The shared working space is a professional, yet inviting spaces that acts as a catalyst for professional exchange and collaboration consisting of:

  • Contemporary office furniture
  • Multiple work stations
  • A relaxed and convivial space
  • A conference room
  • WiFi
  • Coffee-maker & Fridge

Shared workspace

Shared Workspace

The shared working space is a professional, yet inviting spaces that acts as a catalyst for professional exchange and collaboration consisting of:

  • Contemporary office furniture
  • Multiple work stations
  • A relaxed and convivial space
  • A conference room
  • WiFi
  • Coffee-maker, Fridge

Pangloss Labs in Geneva

On the 12th of January a small, determined group met at Pangloss Labs in Ferney-Voltaire to discuss why there isn't yet a Pangloss Labs Geneva site and what to do about it. In a nutshell, although we have found some spaces in Geneva that meet our original half office / half workshop criteria, they are very few and far between.  With the rent costs being much higher in Geneva than neighbouring France, to replicate directly what we did in France would need 45 people willing to pay a proportion of the rent, before we have the space.   In addition, leases in Geneva tend to start at 5 years.  With some of the offers we have, on projects under development, we'd need 45 people willing to commit to contribute to a collaborative association for 5 years, starting in 1-2 years time.  That's almost impossible to do. So, with the facts on the table, and with the aid of some decent French wine, we brainstormed on the possible ways forward.  With lots of whiteboards, and different experiences and backgrounds we came up with the following plan:
  1. Make a list of all the spaces and similar initiatives around innovation in Grand Geneva.  Create working partnerships where possible.
  2. Simultaneously, use co-creation to decide amongst our Pangloss Labs community in Geneva, which set of Innovation Labs make sense for them.  This may well be a very different set from the 10 chosen in the Pays de Gex.
  3. Build up the space requirements for each Innovation Lab.  See if each Lab can start using time and space in existing physical spaces around Geneva.  If so, partner with the appropriate physical space, and do that, resulting in a win-win for Pangloss members and existing physical spaces, along with cross fertilisation between communities.
This doesn't solve the problem of a large maker space in Geneva, but it does solve the problem of how to get the other Innovation Labs really working for those members unable to easily get to Ferney-Voltaire and it provides something concrete as a partnership with our other innovation space friends around Geneva. Once things are up and running, we can decide if we need another physical space in Geneva, or if working collaboratively with existing spaces is sufficient. What do you think?
solar hydrogen generator

Solar Thermal Hydrogen Production – An Adventure

Fifty million tons of hydrogen are used every year mainly for making fertilizers and for refining petroleum. Today, it is also explored as an energy storage medium because electricity storage at large scale is costly and inefficient. Hydrogen can be used as a chemical, in particular to make hydrocarbons, so it can replace petroleum, and it is a source of clean power –for transportation for example- because its use results in water only and nothing else. Wouldn’t it be great to make hydrogen in a clean and sustainable way? The history of H2P began in 2001 on the premises of Creative Services s.a.r.l. with contemplations about what to do with acetylene. From a coffee table discussion the subject evolved into patent applications and the search for funds to realize the idea. (more…)

Design Thinking (Introduction)

images One hour course Syllabus: One hour to know if Design Thinking is for you. In one hour, we will share with you the mindset and the key things for you to know if design thinking can help you. We believe it will ! Come and see us to find out how this will boost your ideas and meet other autonomous and independent entrepreneurs. Our next course will take place on September 8th from 2pm to 3pm and for future events, please check the Pangloss online event calendar. To register please click on this link. To express interest for a different date, please email Yves Zieba ( or call 0041795611054 or 0033952118168

Making things for a good cause

One of the great things about being based in Geneva is the interesting people you meet. While working on innovation for “International Geneva”, I met up with the ICRC’s innovation team. They have been working on a global makeathon for humanitarian causes. One thing led to another, and I ended up giving a webinar on rapid prototyping and following that up with a long blog post which you can read on the Enable Makeathon’s site

Business Lab


Business Lab

The Business Lab facilitates connecting individuals seeking business and growth opportunities. This laboratory has tools and methodologies for management, sales, marketing, profile building, effective project presentation, and focuses on agile, disruptive and fast growth strategies.

Within the Business Lab, several projects supporting businesses are being developed, notably in the form of orientation panels and conferences.

Business Lab – Resources

  • Its leaders and participants derive from the pool of members of the association Pangloss Labs.
  • The Business Lab as part of the Pangloss Labs has access to its resources like the Fablab, the Co-working space, its conference rooms and its communication tools.
  • The Business Lab is one of the various virtual laboratories (“Labs”) of the Pangloss Labs. It has easy access to subject-specific networks through this connection.
  • Competences relating to the creation and the operation of a company.

Business Lab – Open meetings

We organise open meetings from time to time. The meetings typically take place on Thursdays at 18h30 at Pangloss Labs, Zebra room. They are announced in the Slack Business Lab group.

Our meetings are genuine Living Labs where one can present and discuss one’s ideas and projects. The mix of project leaders, experienced people and people simply interested, has the capacity to produce useful and inspiring answers.

Business Lab - Participants

Only participants with a Pangloss profile in English are shown.

Business Lab - Tools

  • The web pages of Pangloss Labs are available for the presentation of the activities of the Business Lab and those of its members.
  • All members of Pangloss Labs have the option to publishing a personal profile.
    Pangloss Labs member profiles :
  • The project people may present their project on the Pangloss Labs website as well.
    WWW project pages :
  • What's more, she has at her disposal all Pangloss Labs tools such as Slack for internal communication, and Google Drive for sharing documents.
    Pangloss Slack :
Bilingual Business Model Canvas

A Business Model Canvas is a strategic template for developing business scenarios. We wanted to have a large version of the Business Model Canvas up on the wall of the lab, but around here it had to be in at least English and French.  We created this and have made it available as a Creative Commons licensed download : Bilingual Business Model Canvas

Project Maturity Level

The Business Lab defines stages in the evolution of a project from the first idea to the creation of a company. Projects are classified according to their maturity in “Project Maturity Levels”.  This method of assigning some kind of maturity to a particular project is based on its readiness to operate successfully from a perspective of management. The purpose of this classification is to offer, for each level and as needed, appropriate assistance and services. A pitch to a Panel of members of the Business Lab Panel can speed up the identification of maturity and need. → Maturity Levels

Readiness for a product or service to be employed may be classified according to EU or NASA “Technology Readiness Levels”.

Financial Forcasting Template

The Business Lab suggests using a spreadsheet tool for building a financial simulation of a contemplated business. Members of the Business Lab have had good experience with FISY by Remi Berthier ( An example of such a financial simulation is available on request from our focal person. : Jean-Laurent FERVEL

It is also possible to get personalized training in financial mathematics and in using spreadsheets (EXCEL) from members of the Business Lab.

Business Lab - Initiatives


Point of reference