Jean-Laurent Fervel


Dynamic professional experience, 12 years with international organizations in Geneva and Africa, and 18 years of entrepreneurial activities.

My skills are in business planning and management, particularly in the environment of business start-ups. My ability to adapt to cultural contexts and regulations was developing in my businesses in France and my engagements in Africa. I am French; I also speak English and somewhat Spanish.

I started my professional career as creator, manager and director of several SMEs in the Rhône-Alpes region in the clothing and real estate trade. In 1992 I started working for United Nations agencies. These activities brought me to Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, and Guinea) where I was responsible for reintegration and the strategic development process for the governments. Back in the Pays de Gex in 2004, I was an entrepreneur in real estate and in the asset management sector. Since 2016 I have been involved in IT with the implementation of a digital service around intangible cultural tourism.

I directly support Pangloss Labs by providing advice and professional services to project owners. My goal is to provide a different set of competencies for the design and creation of companies.