Pangloss Business Academy

Project Description
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  • June 6, 2018

Anyone who works on her or his own project will appreciate feedback, advice or assistance from time to time. Pangloss Business Academy provides both in an individualized but structured approach.

Talk about your project at a Panel session.

A 4-minutes-pitch at the open Panel session introduces the project to the Panel who will return their immediate comments in a 10-min-discussion round.

The Panel then may recommend a way forward according to the project’s situation, which will be worked out in detail together with members following the session. In a further session, the Panel approves the project plan, assigns the relevant people to accompany the project, and allocates resources. After execution of the project plan, the results are presented to the Panel.

Projects that satisfy our criteria will receive the label “Pangloss Business Academy certified Project”.

The panel gathers on the third Tuesday every month in Pangloss.