The Pangloss Labs association is an open innovation laboratory for Greater Geneva.

We are a mix of open source third-space, collective research space, ecological Fablab and support structure for entrepreneurship. We share a multidisciplinary space between entrepreneurs, associations, self-employed, SMEs, and curious individuals.

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Our multidisciplinary and collaborative labs and spaces should be conducive to experimentation, investigation, observation, creativity, hands on projects, demonstrations and workshops. Our approach believes that the synergy between the different backgrounds, interests, philosophies and experiences does enhance the experience and the outcome.

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The Pangloss Labs association is open to everyone.  Learn more about how you can become a member, use the labs or participate in our events.

12bis Rue de Gex Res. Joseph Boisson, F-01210 Ferney-Voltaire, France

Right on the line F bus from Gare Cornavin & Place des Nations in Geneva.