Open Models for Sustainability

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  • December 18, 2016
Open Models for sustainability is now ready
“It is not because a business model is open that it is necessarily a good model”.
The “forwarders” community is back, this time with a new book on open business models, dedicated to sustainability  !
After Open Models in French and in English, authors and contributors from the Think Tank orchestrated by Louis-David Benyayer are back with a new challenge !
In this new book, you will find some of the contributors you know from Without Model, and some new authors as the club made out of “innovateurs affranchis” is growing rapidly.
This time, we dig into open business models and how they can help with major sustainability development goals and environmental challenges we face.
Some more info about this new book is available here.
You will find inside the book an interview with Thibault Mercier and Yves Zieba about peer to peer and open business models applied to sustainable housing.
Thibault and Yves both sat at the board in Pangloss Labs.