A big thank you to everyone who gave us tools, furniture, computers, printers, coffee machines, cups, etc etc.

Specifically, thanks to:

Yves Zieba, Paul Bristow, Carmz and Stéphane Rubio-Torset, Guillaume Cabrië, Arnaud Blain, Jan van Mol, Joan Stanescu, Erika, Charlie Sellers, Claire Darbaud, Impact Hub Geneva, Post Tenebras Lab, Work ‘N’ Share as well as those who have asked to remain anonymous.

To stock the lab, we are always looking for tools, either hand or electric, 3D printers, a lathe, and more. Also raw materials, such as wood, metal, paper, card, printer filament (!) etc.

Regarding computers, at this point we can only use computers with at least 4gigabytes of RAM.  If you have machines like this, especially laptops, but would need to have any existing data securely deleted we can help.

If you have any of these things, and you are ready to help our association, please contact us.