Here are some of the events in the life of Pangloss Labs.

Fete de la Science 2022

15th Oct 2022

Entreprenurial Bootcamp

22nd-26th February 2022

First mixed (in person & online) General Assembly

9th November 2021

Visit from Joêl Giraud, Minister of State

21st Oct 2021

Fete de la Science 2021

9th Oct 2021

Entreprenurial Bootcamp

11th-12th March 2021

100% online General Assembly

4th November 2020

Fête de la Science 2020

10th Oct 2020

Pangloss produces face shields

Spring 2020Along with many other fablabs and makers around the world

Covid-19 lockdowns start

17th March 2020

Apéro to celerate 5 years of Pangloss

30th Jan 2020

Fête de la Science 2019

12th Oct 2019

Biodiversity Day

29th Sep 2019

Retro Computing @ CERN Open Days

14th-15th Sep 2019

OpenGeneva Innovation Festival

28th May 2019

Hydogen Bicycle Hackathon

23rd March 2019

Gex Spring Fair

15th-17th Feb 2019

Pangloss Tomorrow

7th Feb 2019

Participation in the ``Ambitious Innovation Territory`` project

7th Jan 2019 – 26th April 2019with the Pole Metropolitain Genevois

First ``Ptit Dej`` (breakfast) at the Coworking

15th Nov 2018

Bootcamp for ``Politique de la Ville``

5-11 Nov 2018

Creation of the Pangloss Wiki (internal)

2nd Nov 2018

Fête de la Science 2018

13th Oct 2018

Leman Make 2018

29th-30th Sep 2018

Hydrothon - a hackathon on the Hydrogen economy

14th April 2018 – part of OpenGeneva

First Arduino Training

23rd Mar 2018

First Business Lab meetup

6th Feb 2018

Smartlocks installed for 24/24/7 access

27th Dec 2017

CCI de l'Ain with Lab01

9th Dec 2017

Pangloss Labs at the EU discussing the Circular Economy

6th Dec 2017

Fête de la Science 2017

12th Oct 2017

First 3D Scanner Training

29th Sep 2017

UNHCR Innovation Day

19th Jul 2017

3D printed violins (with the Music Conservatory of Ferney-Voltaire)

28th Jun 2017

First 3D Design Training

5th May 2017

G3iD - Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day

24th March 2017

First DLP (resin) 3D Printer Training

10th March 2017

First CNC Training

17th February 2017

Creation of our Slack workspace

January 2017

First 2D Design Training

3rd January 2017

PhantomX Hexapod workshop

27th November 2016

Project Party No 3

27th October 2016

Fête de la Science 2016

7th October 2016

Project Party No 2

28th April 2016

First 3D printer training

8th April 2016

First Laser Cutter Training

11th March 2016

First open doors at the fablab

1st March 2016

Our first laser cutter arrived

5th December 2015

GA 2015

Dec 2015

The 10 innovation labs were chosen

Nov 2015

Exhibition at the Pole European de plasturgy

22nd October 2015

Project Party No 1

19th October 2015

Our first open doors

23rd July 2015

Signing the lease for the Ferney Space

5th July 2015

The Future of Telepresence robots

1st October 2015

Building our first 3D printer

19th February 2015


Meetups in Bars and Cafés

From March 2014