Fête de la Science 2017

Pangloss Labs and the City of Ferney-Voltaire organize in partnership the Science Fair in the Pays de Gex on Saturday 14 October 2017

 La Fête de la Science

Created in 1991 at the initiative of Hubert Curien, then Minister of Research, the "Fete de la Science", which became a national event, aims to bring citizens closer to science.Each year throughout France, hundreds of actors offer free workshops, conferences, screenings, exhibitions, open their laboratory, discover the cultural and scientific heritage of the territory. From biodiversity to mathematics to the sciences of the universe, but also from human and social sciences, this event aims to represent all scientific domains and to make the world of science free to the public.Throughout France, the Science Fair takes place from 7 to 15 October 2017.For this 26th edition, the 2,500 participating municipalities propose stands and animations around the theme "Ideas received and critical spirit"

The Fête de la Science in the Pays de Gex, Saturday 14 October

In partnership with the Ferney-Voltaire Mairie, Pangloss Labs is organising the Fête de la Science (Science Fair) in the Pays de Gex on Saturday 14th October.This event will be an opportunity for young and old to meet innovation entrepreneurs from the Pays de Gex and to discover the innovation laboratories of Pangloss:
  • Mobility and Town Planning
  • Health/Wellness
  • Connected objects
  • Sustainable development
  • Culture and education
Around the theme "Critical spirit and received ideas", the Fête de la Science in Ferney-Voltaire will be an opportunity to explore:
  • electric mobility with the Vega association
  • astronomy with Orion
  • creative laboratories with Addictlab design
  • the connected objects
  • the innovations of citizen democracy
  • and so many other discoveries ...
A philosophical debate/conference will be organized at 5 pm, with Geneviève Brykman, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Paris Nanterre on the theme "Voltaire and received ideas".« The more the human being is enlightened, the more he will be free » - VoltairePangloss LabsSamedi 14 octobre de 9h à 18h12 bis rue de Gex Résidence Joseph Boisson 01210 Ferney Voltaire Tel : 04 50 59 07 83www.panglosslabs.orgContacts : yves@panglosslabs.org, guillaume@panglosslabs.org

Design Thinking (Introduction)

imagesOne hour course Syllabus:One hour to know if Design Thinking is for you.In one hour, we will share with you the mindset and the key things for you to know if design thinking can help you.We believe it will ! Come and see us to find out how this will boost your ideas and meet other autonomous and independent entrepreneurs.Our next course will take place on September 8th from 2pm to 3pm and for future events, please check the Pangloss online event calendar.To register please click on this link.To express interest for a different date, please email Yves Zieba (yves@panglosslabs.org) or call 0041795611054 or 0033952118168

Pangloss Project Party : des idées plein la tête !

Un mois après l'inauguration du site d'innovation et de créativité à Ferney-Voltaire, et à l'occasion de notre première Project Party, les entrepreneurs membres de l'association Pangloss ont accueilli un nombreux public pour leur montrer la variété et la sophistication des quelques 50 projets, qui sortent des différents laboratoires d'innovation ouverte.Cet évènement s'est déroulé en présence notamment de Mr Etienne Blanc, député maire de Divonne-les-Bains, venu nous voir en tout début d'évènement, en présence de Mme Aurélie Charillon, maire de Prevessin-Moens, en présence de Monsieur Guy Larmanjat, de Madame Myriam Bouvet-Multon, représentants le département de l'Ain, et venus en voisins et amis.Situé à 25 minutes en bus de l'hyper centre de Genève, ce nouvel espace d'innovation permet aux entrepreneurs et aux hobbyists de s'exprimer, de s'identifier, de s'apprivoiser et de se retrouver régulièrement pour développer des projets collaboratifs à plusieurs.Une occasion idéale pour les élus du territoire du Grand Genève, de venir soutenir les entrepreneurs et découvrir leurs projets, leurs idées et leurs inventions.Cette soirée a également été une opportunité pour les entrepreneurs et les porteurs de projet en herbe, de 5 à 115 ans, qui souhaitent se lancer, tester leur idée, ou devenir autonome, de se rendre compte de l'importance de rejoindre un collectif, et de resentir par eux mêmes, la dynamique de création et de créativité, qui anime Pangloss.


Parmi les bonnes surprises de la soirée, la présence d'un compost mis à disposition par notre partenaire Sidefage, et la démo produit d'un robot téléprésence.Ont particulièrement retenu l'attention du public (environ 130 personnes), les stands du développement durable, de la permaculture, de l'urbanisme, de l'internet des objets, des médias, des jeux, de la mécatronique, de la culture et de l'éducation, du design et de l'art, et de la fabrication (notamment les imprimantes et scanners 3D).L'association poursuit ses évènements réguliers, et renouvellera cette opération au début de l'année 2016 pour montrer l'évolution de ses différents projets.Autre découverte, la possibilité de voir s'imprimer des objets conçus en 3D et la possibilité de voir scannés des visages ou des surfaces complexes pendant l'évènement.
Scanneur 3D

Scanneur 3D

L'association remercie tous les membres et partenaires qui ont participé à cet évènement, les élus, qui par leur présence, nous ont renouvelé leur soutien. Le partenaire culinaire de la soirée était Le Nomade Pizza.20151019_185243[1]Pangloss se réjouit d'accueillir les entrepreneurs qui vont inventer l'économie du futur, dès demain.20151019_175710[1]Pour toute information, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter (contacteznous@panglosslabs.org) et restez informés au sujet de nos futurs évènements.

Pangloss is participating in the Salon des Associations

We will be at the Salon des Associations at the COSEC in Ferney-Voltaire on Sunday, September 6, 2015 from 13h to 17h, to present our activities, including our initiation to robotics, 3D printing, and a presentation of the activities and upcoming events in our new creative space in Ferney-Voltaire. This is a great chance to come and meet local associations and stop by our booth.

Our community space now available in Ferney-Voltaire

We have just opened our space for innovation and creativity in Ferney-Voltaire. While we work to design a unique experience for our users, we are every day improving day our equipment, layout and decoration, to be ready in the coming weeks to welcome you. In addition to the tools and machines, we seek to live the values of our association in this new space. Take the opportunity to join us and help create your space!

Designing Alternative Currency Systems workshop at LIFT15

I organised a workshop about innovations in Finance at LIFT15 on Feb 6th. We had 41 participants and 37 design ideas for currency design! With only 4 similar ones.Here's the presentation from the session:And here's your chance to get started designing your own currency:Thanks to everyone who participated and if you do create a new currency, let me know!

Social Innovation talk at Impact Hub Geneva

Paul was asked to speak at Impact Hub Geneva's crowdfunding launch event yesterday.  The round table was about Social Innovation.  With such people in the audience as representatives from the UNHCR and the ICRC he talked about the impact of crowdsourced open source hardware.Projects described included Data Canvas Sense Your City real-time environmental monitoring,  Publiclab - the citizen science portal, the Open Source Beehive project, Local Motors and the awesome E-NABLING the  future project, providing low-cost customised prosthetic limbs all over the world and making people smile.http://youtu.be/KcPjwq9-sDc 
Pangloss Team Building

Team Building Activity at Prevessin

Pangloss Team Building

Pangloss Team Building last 12 Jan 2015

Last 12 January 2015, Pangloss members Yves, Paul, Ayse, Carmz, Denis and Charlie had a team building activity at Prevessin. The event was led by rockstar coaches, Denise and Michelle, from Allegory House. The event started off with a sharing of experiences and followed by feedback from our peers. Our personalities were also analyzed and we found out how to best value each other's capacities to help build the organization better. This was followed by pitch creation and synthesis of the whole activity. It was a memorable and enriching moment for everyone.
Pangloss labs members

Pangloss Labs members


Pangloss Labs Open Apéro

ST-GENIS-POUILLY - The first Pangloss labs public event was held at Charlys' Pub in St-Genis-Pouilly last 14 November 2014. It was attended by friends and colleagues of the Pangloss founders to get to know the new association. Pangloss President Yves Zieba welcomed everyone with a spirited speech. Everyone toasted for a wonderful start of this budding association. Founding members and creative makers Ayse Ozturk, Paul Bristow and Carmz Rubio-Torset brought some samples of their creations. Ayse made a robot that could draw perfect circles and has motion detectors; Paul brought some of his cute 3D made products; and Carmz made some cards and 3D objects out of cardstock. It was a social night filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and sharing of ideas. Future Pangloss labs open apéro will be held soon, so keep posted!If you wish to take part in the next Pangloss event, please check out our Events Page by clicking here.
Pangloss Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly

Pangloss Labs Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly