Salmanazar Light

Project Description
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  • April 17, 2016
Presentation of the creation:
Salmanazar Light” is both a decorative lamp and a stand for 35 champagne flutes.
Salmanazar Light” transforms the set of champagne flutes into a luminous and harmonious work of art.
This creation dynamically changes its appearance and gives an everchanging ambience with lighting effects coming through the champagne flutes.  As each glass is removed from the creation, a new geometry evolves.
This structure was completely custom designed and its overall size and form necessarily depends on the specific size and shape of the chosen champagne flutes.
This work is completely 3D printed using approximately 5kg of wood-plastic composite. A microcomputer is programmed to dynamically control each of the 560 individual color LEDs for this effect.  A custom industrial 3D printer was designed and built at Pangloss Labs by the artist in order to print this creation.
salmanazar ligh 03 salmanazar ligh media salmanazar ligh01
Artist presentation:
Guillaume Cabrié is an artist located near to Geneva. He is using 3D technologies and new materials to propose innovative creation.
LEMANTEK is a sales company dedicated to 3D technologies and consulting. LEMANTEK partners with YONEX to formulate new professional thermoplastic materials for additive manufacturing.
LEMANTEK & YONEX are unique in Europe to design customized materials to suit your needs. Equipped with industrial extruders, they are able to produce a wide variety of 3D filaments and pellets.
We propose solutions for custom colour, texture, and even odour of functional materials for 3d printed objects.