All the best for 2018 !

Dear Pangloss friends; 2017 has been a good year for me and I am hoping also a good year for you and your loved ones. I am happy with the Pangloss performance and at the same time recognise that there are areas that we need to improve on. Many milestones have been reached by each lab, by each commission and by many projects and congratulations to all for this. We have also had many successful training sessions, workshops, aperos, speeddatings and events and so I can go on. Many of you have spent much time in our innovation space, and each time we see each other at Pangloss, there is a spark, there is an idea, there is a concept in the air, which may one day become a co-creation opportunity. We welcomed many new members in 2017 and thank you to all for making them feel at home. It has been great having new perspectives come on board. Each one of us need to manage this work life balance more carefully as no success can compensate for failure in the home. I have enjoyed working with each one of you and have come to know almost each of you personally. This has been a highlight in itself. Another highlight has been the Fete de la Science, with a record number of visitors and animations. It is sad when some of our team members have to leave particularly when it is because of a professional move to Marseille, to San Francisco, to Africa, to the Vosges or because of some other personal circumstances. Luckily enough some of them are coming back !!! I wish to thank all of you for your continued support and dedication to Pangloss. I wish to thank our bureau for their decisions, our Conseil d’Administration for their propositions and tradeoffs, our Conciergerie for welcoming new members with a smile everyday and for their great support in having such a wonderful hypercreativity space and ecological fablab, open for everyone. We are proud that this space is so open, so unique, so creative and so inclusive. Congratulations to the Pangloss members who won awards this year (Concours Lepine, Trip to Brussels for Economie Circulaire, CES 2018 Nomination…). We will have the opportunity to share with you all the numbers during our next General Assembly. We are confident they will look good. I wish all of you a wonderful end of the year and a happy and prosperous 2018. Let’s make 2018 a fun, successful and value adding year that changes the lives of people for the positive. Let not that which matters the most be affected by that which matters the least. Yves

Fab Lab


Hands on building of (almost) anything. Prototyping, finished products and repairs. With digital fabrication machines from 3D printers to lasers to large format CNC machines.

A Fablab is a space for learning new skills and sharing your skills.  We do not have resources to fix things for free, but will happily show you how you can learn to repair and make things. To find out more, visit us on one of our regular open days.

So far we've had projects including Art & Design, Prototypes & Repairs, Furniture & Decoration, Electronics & Automation, Experimentation & Research, Robotics, along with DIY & Education.  If you're not sure where to start, we even have group projects where you can learn with others.

You don't have to start from zero.  Come and learn how about the world of digital fabrication with our regular training courses.  Our introduction courses are suitable for everyone, with reduced prices for Pangloss members!

COVID-19:  Closed to the public again.  Maximum 6 people inside.  Please bring a facemask.

Manufacturing for Colucci Design’s light

Introduction of the work Pentagon lamps by Claudio Colucci Set of 9 lamps based on the replication of openwork aluminum pentagons. Its were positioned in the center of the red carpet at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva for the Geneva Charity Ball 2016. All guests were able to admire every element that light came to [...]

The 3D “Ovoid” Ring

Presentation of the art The ring "Ovoid" is an original creation based on the cut of a fuselage of airliner. It can be set with 3 stones lodged between the two arches. It was made of polymer resin using a 3D printer (DLP).   Designer Guillaume CABRIÉ Production Fablab Pangloss in Ferney-Voltaire with a DLP [...]

Custom puzzle for Crowdfunding campaign

You are looking goodies or products to package your crowdfunding campaign…Panglosslabs can do it for you. This is the story of a book creation for young children. It’s describe the lemur life and the ecosystem protection that are need this animals to survive. This example is demonstrating :  how to design and to produce a custom puzzle at […]

Salmanazar Light

Presentation of the creation: “Salmanazar Light” is both a decorative lamp and a stand for 35 champagne flutes. “Salmanazar Light” transforms the set of champagne flutes into a luminous and harmonious work of art. This creation dynamically changes its appearance and gives an everchanging ambience with lighting effects coming through the champagne flutes.  As each […]

Violin 3D HOVALIN vs Pangloss

Presentation The Hovalin violin is a 3D printable violin. This three-section acoustic violin has been enhanced to provide better sound and a higher volume than the previous version. Close collaboration was established between the members of PanglossLabs, "Fablab" installed at the Marmousets, and Johnny Zefferini and Martine De Boisjolly, violin teachers. A first (red) prototype [...]

We have a range of different machines in the fablab, suitable for different types of project, from hobbyist to professional.  To use one of our machines, you will need to be a member of the association.  We do not (yet) sell material for making your projects, but may have small scrap/leftover pieces for testing.  Before reserving a machine, you will need to be trained in one of our training courses. Use of machines is on a first come first served basis and requires payment.  Hand tools, table saw, scroll saw, drill press etc are available in the space and are free for members to use.  Fees are displayed in the fablab and, for members, on the appropriate web page.

Primula 3D printer

The Primula 3D printer is a modified open source iTopie design with a diamond head triple mixing extruder for providing full-colour FDM printing. Machine Status: Needs Z axis calibration

Comfrey CNC

The Comfrey 3 axis CNC machine is a robust, solid Badog X2 CNC using Mach3 control software. Machine Status: Working

Saxifrage Mini CNC

The Saxifrage 3 axis Mini CNC machine is a small, solid 1610 CNC using GRBL firmware and OpenCNCPilot control software.  It is specifically for milling prototype PCBs. Machine Status: Working


The Oak 3 axis CNC machine is an open source Openbuilds OX CNC using a smoothieboard as it’s control system. Machine Status: Working

Trefle 3D printer

The Treffe 3D printer is a Makerbot X2. Machine Status: Working

Blue Lotus Laser Cutter

The “Blue Lotus” Laser Cutter is a largish 80W CO2 laser cutter with a cutting bed of 1000x400mm, capable of cutting wood, plastic, card, paper and fabric, and engraving more materials. Machine Status: Working

Designjet Printer

(Hosta) HP Designjet 5500 Printer The HP Designjet printer is suitable for printing posters, roll-ups and other creative things. Machine Status: Working

Forget-me-not 3D printer

The Forget-me-not 3D printer is a robust, solid Printrbot Simple Metal with heated bed, extended X axis and an Octoprint-based Raspberry Pi controller. Machine Status: Working

Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutter The Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter is a desktop cutting machine able to cut vinyl, card and paper, precisely. Machine Status: Working

Calendula 3D scanner

The Calendula 3D scanner is a printed in the lab rotating scanner, based on the ATLAS 3D open source project, and using a Raspberry Pi to derive full colour point clouds and STL meshes from the object being scanned. Machine Status: Working but needs frequent calibration

Send an email directly to the fablab team

    The Fab Charter

    What is a fab lab?
    Fab labs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication

    What’s in a fab lab?
    Fab labs share an evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared

    What does the fab lab network provide?
    Operational, educational, technical, financial, and logistical assistance beyond what’s available within one lab

    Who can use a fab lab?
    Fab labs are available as a community resource, offering open access for individuals as well as scheduled access for programs

    What are your responsibilities?
    safety: not hurting people or machines
    operations: assisting with cleaning, maintaining, and improving the lab
    knowledge: contributing to documentation and instruction

    Who owns fab lab inventions?
    Designs and processes developed in fab labs can be protected and sold however an inventor chooses, but should remain available for individuals to use and learn from

    How can businesses use a fab lab?
    Commercial activities can be prototyped and incubated in a fab lab, but they must not conflict with other uses, they should grow beyond rather than within the lab, and they are expected to benefit the inventors, labs, and networks that contribute to their success

    Useful Fablab Links

    Pangloss at Leman Make

    We attended the LemanMake Festival in Nyon, to go and meet the hackers, makers in the region and to see how to democratise what can be done with fablab machines. Workshops for kids, impressive demo, conferences, everything was there to discover what the future will look like. LemanMake. Also a great opportunity to meet with our friends from all parts of Switzerland.

    Off the 3-D Printer, Practice Parts for the Surgeon

    The New York Times reports on how surgeons are just learning to use new digital fabrication tools to create models, so that they can first practice delicate procedures: Where will the doctors (and engineers and educators and artists and architects...) of the future get their first experiences with such cutting edge tools and approaches?  Fablabs are an ideal training ground for students, and a great place for entrepreneurs to test their ideas.