Various spare parts for future projects

Following the dismantling of the old Ricoh MPC2000 printer, we have a large quantity of parts for new projects:
  • Various stepper motors, DC motors (24V), fans (24V)
  • Various electromagnetic clutches and electromagnets
  • Metal bars of various diameters and accessories (circlips, guides etc...)
  • Multiple metal parts and screws, both PC and metal, as well as springs of different strengths and shapes.
  • Gear wheels and various toothed belts.
  • Cable assemblies with connectors and IR sensors and stop switches etc. ....

Internet of Things Lab

IoT Lab

Designing and creating objects that connect to the Internet and each other. Mostly based around raspberry pi, openhab, mqtt, and Arduino variants. Includes programming, hardware design, and our smartlab based on openhab allows experimentation with more than 300 different IoT protocols!

Recent additions to the lab include LoraWAN for remote IoT sensors, NFC and RFID tag technology and more.

This is the place for AI, bots, dataviz and things generally interacting with the internet and the real world.

Useful IoT Lab Links

Pangloss at Leman Make

We attended the LemanMake Festival in Nyon, to go and meet the hackers, makers in the region and to see how to democratise what can be done with fablab machines. Workshops for kids, impressive demo, conferences, everything was there to discover what the future will look like. LemanMake. Also a great opportunity to meet with our friends from all parts of Switzerland.
Impact Hub - Geneva

Environmental Monitoring with Impact Hub Geneva

Pangloss Labs and Impact Hub Geneva have partnered up to participate in the Data Canvas project with Swissnex and LIFT to provide ongoing environmental monitoring. I chose the Impact Hub location because it's interesting to get a view of air quality, pollution and noise just behind Gare Cornavin. You can see the data at the data canvas website