Paul Bristow

Innovation Consultant | Open Source Expert

CTO/CMO/Maker. IoT, digital media, open source hardware & software expert with decades of experience in consumer product design, strategy and communications. Paul Bristow is one of the co-founders of  Pangloss Labs. He’s worked around the world for ADB, Osmosys, Philips, Olivetti, Jiskoot, Nordiko, and Seetrax and now has a strategy, technology, and communication consultancy.  With a long career covering industrial robotics, consumer electronics, digital television and media, internet and home networking, he’s been a product manager for countless technical products and supervised many more.  In the last 10 years he’s been a Chief Technology Officer and head of communications, with 20+ years of experience working with the press. Paul is a  specialist in open source hardware, and it’s implications for business strategy.  He’s a member of the Open Source Hardware Association. He founded the Eco-Pratique association, who present the Festival du Film Vert in Ferney-Voltaire.  He’s a co-founder of  Post Tenebras Lab – the first  Hackerspace in Geneva, and of the Leman Make association which put on a festival of making in June 2015.  He was Co-President of the G3iD association in it’s first year which hosted the first Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day dedicated to accelerating the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Paul practises open innovation, the lean startup methodology and specialises in human centred design and UX. Some of his writing can be found here:

My projects tend to be a mixture of professional development, private curiosity, along with a whole handful of “what happens if…”