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Discovering cultures through language conversation, correcting language mistakes in a friendly manner, improving capacity for everyone to communicate towards larger markets.

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Carmz Rubio-Torset Co-fondateur Pangloss Labs

Currently based in Marseille, Carmz is an English coach and an ESL tutor for all levels and ages as well as a Filipino language tutor (Tagalog & Bisaya), an avid papercrafter and a self-taught portrait artist. She loves organizing language and cultural meetups, papercrafting events and karaoke parties.

Denis Mongin Scientist, experimental physicist, data scientist

I am a experimental physicist and data scientist.

I worked in laser physics and condensed matter labs for some years, and I am currently working as a data scientist in the University hospital of Geneva.

I love designing scientific experiment for teaching or education. I participated in the creation of "t'es sûr", and I develop at pangloss new scientific experiments. I therefore use most of the fablabs tools, play with arduinos and electronics, do some python Qt.

MOOC on Methods of Generating Ideas – Iversity

Have you wished that you could easily come up with a new idea that is really great, awesome and at the same time practical? Or just come up with some crazy idea to help save the world? How do great thinkers do that? What techniques do innovators use in idea generation? Would you like to learn how they do that? Then this MOOC is right for you!
Dr. Daniel Koch leads the team of 3 presentors in the MOOC on the methods of generating ideas.
Dr. Daniel Koch leads the team of 3 presentors in the MOOC on the methods of generating ideas.
Join Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Koch, Dr.-Ing. Dominic Buchholz and Felix Teufel of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as they present and expound the different methods in generating ideas in this Iversity MOOC.  This free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will begin on the 21st of January 2015 at the Iversity website. The course is presented in English. This course aims to explain techniques for the goal and process oriented generation of ideas.