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IlovePangloss Crafting Project
I love Pangloss
I recently acquired a Cricut electronic cutting machine and it has been glorious since then. It has given me the freedom to create crafting projects or to use the images from the Cricut Design Space to practice making different paper or cardboard-based projects. Cutting is one of the techniques that makers like me love to fiddle around with their hands. And with the help of the machine, cutting becomes more precise and less tedious. Cutting has never been this much fun ever!  I didn't realize that you could spend a whole day so wrapped up with your crafting projects. To the point that my craft room always ends up really messy with papers, stamps, stickers and all. I even joined a small crafting group to experience how it would be like to craft with fellow enthusiasts. It is really amazing because I learned new techniques from them and I met new friends too. Why Paper crafting? I went on to educate myself with different paper crafting activities and I found out that you can create personalized and embellished cards to give away (or to sell). You can design beautiful scrapbooks. You can even design and create t-shirts (like the one I made below). Furthermore, you can also decorate almost anything at your house, including your walls with your vinyl.
Personalized Pangloss Tshirt - Crafting Project
Personalized Pangloss Tshirt as one of my crafting projects
Crafting projects - boxes
Christmas boxes for give-aways
Paper Crafting Projects samples
Paper Crafting Projects - Cards, 3D cubes, page marker, boxes
Cricut Thank You Card Crafting Project
Thank You Card design by
Future Crafting Projects and Plans  With Pangloss Labs, I hope that we could also create our own crafting group who love to catch up, learn and co-work with each other. Then we could plan on joining or initiating Craft Events in our Pays de Gex region. That would be absolutely awesome. So, if you're interested to learn more about how to make this paper or cardboard crafting projects or if you wish to join a crafting session with me, send me an email at I'd love to know what you already know or show you what the cutting machine can offer you.

MOOC on Methods of Generating Ideas – Iversity

Have you wished that you could easily come up with a new idea that is really great, awesome and at the same time practical? Or just come up with some crazy idea to help save the world? How do great thinkers do that? What techniques do innovators use in idea generation? Would you like to learn how they do that? Then this MOOC is right for you!
Dr. Daniel Koch leads the team of 3 presentors in the MOOC on the methods of generating ideas.
Dr. Daniel Koch leads the team of 3 presentors in the MOOC on the methods of generating ideas.
Join Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Koch, Dr.-Ing. Dominic Buchholz and Felix Teufel of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as they present and expound the different methods in generating ideas in this Iversity MOOC.  This free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will begin on the 21st of January 2015 at the Iversity website. The course is presented in English. This course aims to explain techniques for the goal and process oriented generation of ideas.   

Get to know yourself through 16personalities

Knowing yourself is very important if you want to improve your life or to discover how you can deal with other personalities in your community or workplace. One good way to know your personality is to take a test about it. I have discovered that just does that and more! This website offers free personality testing and instant analysis. You can also create a profile in their website if you wish. This website is run by MentiScore Solutions Limited and if you wish to communicate with them, you may send them a message here. According to their website, there are 16 personalities divided into 4 major types:
  • The Analysts
  • The Diplomats
  • The Sentinels
  • The Explorers
Each type has 4 varying subtypes making it to a total of 16 different and interesting personalities. It is really interesting to know which type you are and discovering the types you could easily be with, or work with, and the types that you would have to avoid as well. Check out 16personalities now!

Pangloss Labs Open Apéro

ST-GENIS-POUILLY - The first Pangloss labs public event was held at Charlys' Pub in St-Genis-Pouilly last 14 November 2014. It was attended by friends and colleagues of the Pangloss founders to get to know the new association. Pangloss President Yves Zieba welcomed everyone with a spirited speech. Everyone toasted for a wonderful start of this budding association. Founding members and creative makers Ayse Ozturk, Paul Bristow and Carmz Rubio-Torset brought some samples of their creations. Ayse made a robot that could draw perfect circles and has motion detectors; Paul brought some of his cute 3D made products; and Carmz made some cards and 3D objects out of cardstock. It was a social night filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and sharing of ideas. Future Pangloss labs open apéro will be held soon, so keep posted! If you wish to take part in the next Pangloss event, please check out our Events Page by clicking here.
Pangloss Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly
Pangloss Labs Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly