Pangloss Labs Open Apéro

ST-GENIS-POUILLY - The first Pangloss labs public event was held at Charlys' Pub in St-Genis-Pouilly last 14 November 2014. It was attended by friends and colleagues of the Pangloss founders to get to know the new association. Pangloss President Yves Zieba welcomed everyone with a spirited speech. Everyone toasted for a wonderful start of this budding association. Founding members and creative makers Ayse Ozturk, Paul Bristow and Carmz Rubio-Torset brought some samples of their creations. Ayse made a robot that could draw perfect circles and has motion detectors; Paul brought some of his cute 3D made products; and Carmz made some cards and 3D objects out of cardstock. It was a social night filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and sharing of ideas. Future Pangloss labs open apéro will be held soon, so keep posted! If you wish to take part in the next Pangloss event, please check out our Events Page by clicking here.
Pangloss Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly
Pangloss Labs Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly