Get to know yourself through 16personalities

Knowing yourself is very important if you want to improve your life or to discover how you can deal with other personalities in your community or workplace. One good way to know your personality is to take a test about it. I have discovered that just does that and more! This website offers free personality testing and instant analysis. You can also create a profile in their website if you wish. This website is run by MentiScore Solutions Limited and if you wish to communicate with them, you may send them a message here. According to their website, there are 16 personalities divided into 4 major types:
  • The Analysts
  • The Diplomats
  • The Sentinels
  • The Explorers
Each type has 4 varying subtypes making it to a total of 16 different and interesting personalities. It is really interesting to know which type you are and discovering the types you could easily be with, or work with, and the types that you would have to avoid as well. Check out 16personalities now!