Custom puzzle for Crowdfunding campaign

Project Description

You are looking goodies or products to package your crowdfunding campaign…Panglosslabs can do it for you.

This is the story of a book creation for young children. It’s describe the lemur life and the ecosystem protection that are need this animals to survive.

Madagascar, l'ile aux lémurienxMadagascar, l'ile des lémurienx

This example is demonstrating :  how to design and to produce a custom puzzle at Panglosslabs?

You need:

  • a print of your design on a mat photo paper
  • a cutting file

Madagascar, l'ile des lémurienx 02

  • a MDF plate of 3 mm
  • wood glue 5 min
  • a vernish
  • the PanglossLabs laser cuter

The result is very good as you can see.

Madagascar, l'ile aux lémurienxMadagascar, l'ile des lémurienx

Credit : Mialy Mangosoa, Managascar, l’île des lémuriens © 2016

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