The Fab10 Documentary

In July 2014 I went to the 10th annual gathering of FabLabs.  I wanted to see if a FabLab was a useful tool for building a new way to manufacture open source hardware.  This documentary gives you an overview in 35 minutes of what I spent 8 days immersed in.  And, yes, I came back to Geneva convinced I should build an ecological FabLab.


Création de Pangloss Geneva

Amis suisses, nous voilà !!! Nous nous sommes réunis dans les locaux de nos amis de Post Tenebras Lab à Carouge, pour faire la connaissance de Clément et pour créer ensemble Pangloss Geneva lors de notre assemblée générale. Nous voilà donc établi également en Suisse, avec en plus des projets de biohackers ! Que demander de plus ?



Pangloss Labs Open Apéro

ST-GENIS-POUILLY – The first Pangloss labs public event was held at Charlys’ Pub in St-Genis-Pouilly last 14 November 2014. It was attended by friends and colleagues of the Pangloss founders to get to know the new association. Pangloss President Yves Zieba welcomed everyone with a spirited speech. Everyone toasted for a wonderful start of this budding association. Founding members and creative makers Ayse Ozturk, Paul Bristow and Carmz Rubio-Torset brought some samples of their creations. Ayse made a robot that could draw perfect circles and has motion detectors; Paul brought some of his cute 3D made products; and Carmz made some cards and 3D objects out of cardstock. It was a social night filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and sharing of ideas. Future Pangloss labs open apéro will be held soon, so keep posted!

If you wish to take part in the next Pangloss event, please check out our Events Page by clicking here.

Pangloss Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly

Pangloss Labs Open Apéro at Charlys Pub-St Genis Pouilly


A new open dynamism for Grand Genève’s entrepreneurs

  • Open innovation laboratories and collaborative space
  • Ecological fablab to reinvigorate local manufacturing
  • New innovation models of the type “Zero Marginal Cost Society

Prévessin-Moens, 13 November 2014 – A group of passionate entrepreneurs joined up to create Pangloss, a non-profit association aimed at creating and animating co-working spaces, and bringing innovation back to our town centres.

To all engineers, designers and developers, working from home or in small teams, Pangloss offers the chance to join with other entrepreneurs. Together we’ll benefit from mutualising our overheads, exchange ideas and experience and develop synergies with other projects.

The new association is organised around open innovation laboratories, experimentation and rapid prototyping.  Concretely, Pangloss wants to establish creative spaces for meeting, exchanging and co-working, along with new types of training.  The association will offer access to innovative services and fablab machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters, which can use recycled materials and are much less energy hungry than traditional machines.

The first projects which brought us together cover the sectors of education, health, nutrition, digital media, design, gaming, art and tourism.

By helping local entrepreneurs with new projects, Pangloss’ ambition extends to pushing for local growth, accelerating the digital transition and reinvigorating our town centres.  Pangloss will be active with events in both the Pays de Gex and in Grand Geneva.

Please contact us for more information and/or to receive our press pack..

PR team:

Maria Carmela Rubio-Torset, Paul Bristow, Arnaud Blain, Yves Zieba, 0952118168

Association Pangloss, 86 chemin pré de planche, 01280 Prevessin