New Years Resolutions and Fitness Tracking

Gadget Guru is a short weekly radio show on World Radio Switzerland that I do with Tony Johnston.

Here’s the show from January 6th, 2015:

A few links from this show:

If your new years resolution is to get fit there’s no better way than eat less and move more. Technology can’t (yet) stop you eating but it can help with the moving, so here are some of the fitness trackers you can get from Fitbit, Withings and Jawbone.

Prices start from around 65 CHF. Or you can just use an app for your smartphone like Moves but then you must carry your smartphone all the time. If you put it down it won’t track your steps.

If you want to hack your life then If This Then That is the site you need. Make the internet work for you doing things that usually only coders can 🙂

If you want a heads-up on CES there is a useful CES preview at TechRadar. Plenty of wearables.

My VOIP provider that lets me have a UK incoming phone number is LocalPhone but there are others, including Skype. As expats living on an international border having multiple incoming phone numbers in different countries can be useful.

Here’s the Octopus:

and here’s the four-finned robot cuttlefish:

Next week we’ll look at the output from CES.

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