Hack your style

Project Description
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  • January 9, 2016

Virtual fashion and lifestyle incubator.

Who are our clients and members ?

Primarily fashion designers, fashion bloggers, models, photographs, fashion communication agencies, fashion show event organisers, cosmetics inventors and distributors.

What are their aspirations ?

They primarily want to focus on what they are good at, i.e. the creative part. With our virtual incubator, we help them develop their business sufficiently to become independent.

What problems do they typically face ?

They often find it difficult to access catwalks, and main distribution channels. Supply chain and production capacity to find their clients and make sure that they can deliver enough quantities at the quality level their customers expect. Access to sufficient funding is another problem they face frequently.

Why are we different ?

We are global, online, and we have an extensive network of fashion and lifestyle advisors, experienced leaders and experts to help our members with their brands and their ventures.