Doris Edwards

Permaculture Designer | Business Owner | Lean Startup Fan

I am a Permaculture Designer and Teacher.

I want to enable busy professionals like you, and families and communities, to cultivate urban and rural spaces in the permaculture way, so that you too may enjoy the delight of fresh, tasty, nutricious and healthy home-grown food.

Permaculture is a way of designing an ecosystem that works for the small urban backyard and for the larger rural garden. No need to break your back or become a professional gardener!

If we were to talk in terms of innovation, Permaculture is disrupting agriculture in the way Apple’s MP3 player disrupted the music industry!

As a busy entrepreneur, running my own digital transformation services company since 1987, I was struggling with an unruly and needy vegetable garden for many years, almost to the point of giving up.

But then I discovered Permaculture Design, and it was amazing!

After one year already, my garden had transformed into a haven of abundance, providing high yields of nutritious fruit and vegetables, at a fraction of the labour needed before.

During 2015, I have obtained the internationally recognised PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate. Certification which has validated my practical experience.

In a parallel life, I am the founder of the Geneva Lean Startup Group. And back in 2009, I founded, a Web Content Boutique.

I am proud to be an early supporter of Pangloss Labs, a radiant Greater Geneva-based online Platform with a mission, and a thriving local community.