Conversion kit for hydrogen bicycle

Project status

The components of the hydrogen bicycle are all available and have been tried. The bicycle was run on hydrogen at the Science Festival 2021



Octobre 15, Science and Biodiversity Festival 2022

The hydrogen bicycle ist shown in the parc of the Château de Voltaire at Ferney-Voltaire.


November 24th, 2021 : Instagram #panglosslabs

Many thanks to Silvia Fabiani for One Minute of Fame on Instagram.

Klaus avec vélo H2

October 9th, Science Festival 2021

The complete system is presented in the parc of the Château de Voltaire at Ferney-Voltaire. Visitors could pedal the bicycle mounted on a stand.


October 5th, 2021 : it moves in the lab.

Link to a short movie : 2021-10-05 first moves


July 2021 The controller of the hydrogen bicycle takes shape

Charles and Paul are finalizing the processor for the hydrogen bicycle. A ESP 32 microcontroller unit reads various current sensors and controls the fuel cell.

22 June 2021 refuelling a small bottle

Refuelling the hydrogen bicycle remains a challenge. We finally decided to work with pressurized hydrogen in a 2 litres bottle for storage on the bicycle. With a few OTS components we were able to fill the small bottle from a larger bottle.

ligne de transfer  

10 Oct. 2020 Science Festival

Fuel cell, hydrogen bottle and controls with buffer batterie all fit into a box which can be mounted on the bicycle. The box with compartments for the various components was 3D printed in the FabLab.

kit vélo H2

12 Oct. 2019 Science Festival

For demonstrations, Klaus exploses ballons filled with air, butane and hydrogen.

FdlS 2018 Klaus et ballons

Crowd Funding (May to Oct. 2019)

We were looking for fifteen thousand euros but in the end got only 2500 euros.
With the money we bought a Horizon H100 fuel cell for approximately 1500 euros (incl. taxes and shipping) as well as a 15 litres hydrogen cylinder at 200 bar from Linde for rent and various other components.

PAC Horizon H100

28 May 2019 OpenGeneva Innovation Festival

Harald and Olivier present the bicycle which has been equipped with an electric motot and models of fuel cell and hydrogen container.

Fête de l’Innovation

23 Mar. 2019 Pangloss labs Open Innovation Festival

A day of reflections and activity.


We thought of getting a bicycle from the bicycle pound in Geneva ( : “Our bikes are between 100 and 200 CHF depending on their condition”) but then Klaus found a little-used one in his cellar.

The association Pangloss Labs provided us with a conversion kit with pedal motor (Bafang 8FUN, BBS-01 250W pedal motor conversion kit; approx. €450). A battery is not included in the kit.



12 Jan. 2019 Pangloss Hackathon “How to make a Hydrogen Bicycle.”

The bicycle should be a donation by one of the group members and the bicycle’s crankset motor BAFANG BBS01 will be a contribution from the Pangloss Labs association.

18 Oct. 2018 Meeting GE mobilité H2

Pangloss Labs participates in the Meeting GE mobilité H2 in Geneva.

13 Oct. 2018 Science Festival

The idea is presented at the 2018 Science Festival in the Château de Voltaire at ferney Voltaire.

FdlS 2018

18 Sep. 2018 Visit Atawey, Chambery

Harald, Klaus and Olivier visit Atawey, manufacturer of hydrogen refuelling stations. Atawey has a hydrogen bicycle. Harald had a ride on it.

2018-09-18 Haralw vélo H2

7 Sep. 2018 Réunion H2 Leman

Following the Open Geneva Hackathon, a group of people intersted in hydrogen think about what actually could be done. The idea to develop an open source kit for converting a bicycle into a hydrogen powered electric bicycle is born.

9-15 April 2018 Open Geneva Hackathon

This weekend’s Pangloss Hydrothon as one of the Open Geneva Hackathons ended with the Hackshow at HEAD on Sunday. Paul did a great job getting our Pangloss Hydrothon converge into a poster which was presented at the Hackshow. The last item at the Hackshow was a Thank You to the organizers. Thanks again, Paul.