Media Lab

Our media lab covers all forms of media projects, ranging from mobile first website development (CMS WordPress, Joomla!, Strikingly) to augmented reality and virtual reality developments.

We also create wikis and contribute to local and specialised knowledge management platforms.

Our lab includes the making of videos, podcasts, infographics and photographs, from a practical and creative angle.

We also work with radio stations and web radios.

Last but not least, our activities include gaming clubs (Minecraft, Fortnight, Overwatch), and game development learning (Unity 3d).

Media Initiatives

Media Champions

Patrick Jacquet Photographer and President at Mise Au Point

Patrick Jacquet is a self-taught photographer enjoying his passion for photography for more than 30 years.
Over these decades, he learned and mastered complex photography techniques he’s using as based tools to release his creativity. For 20 years, he’s been sharing his experience and passion through “Mise Au Point”… a photographic association specialized in training and photo coaching.

“Mastering photo techniques doesn’t make a good photograph… but without that, your heart is silent”

From hyper macro photography to gigapixel panoramic views, from architecture to sport, from fashion to Fine Art, Patrick is able to play successfully across various domains, coming up with outstanding series being exhibited in International photo festivals.

Mise Au Point web site :


Mélie Genet

I am an HR and business administration specialist, with 15 years of experience working for business consultancies with international reach.

Passionate about the functioning of human beings and systems, I have a huge default: my curiosity is equalled only by my entrepreneurial drive. I have followed three training paths: psychology (specialized in new technologies applied to education and human computer interactions), entrepreneurship (Master HEC entrepreneurship from Grenoble school of business) and human resources (Swiss Advanced Certificate in HR management).

In 2011, I have co-founded a company in the field of HR services outsourcing (recruitment and payroll mostly). Today, I share my time between different projects operating as freelance.

I have a relatively rich associative life, which I strive to foster. I am committing in fields related to company creation support, education and humanitarian projects.

My beliefs regarding the corporate world are clear: I am promoting human-centred management and collective intelligence leveraging.  I am also a fan of the lean startup movement.

I am passionate about reading, writing, music and travels.

I offer my services to project holders and advise them in following fields:

  • Strategic consulting: business canvas, business plan, market survey.
  • HR and finance consulting: talent and key resources acquisition. HR and finance backoffice, process optimization, training, ERP implementation, audit, outsourcing.

I speak French, English and German.

Doris Edwards Permaculture Designer | Business Owner | Lean Startup Fan

I am a Permaculture Designer and Teacher.

I want to enable busy professionals like you, and families and communities, to cultivate urban and rural spaces in the permaculture way, so that you too may enjoy the delight of fresh, tasty, nutricious and healthy home-grown food.

Permaculture is a way of designing an ecosystem that works for the small urban backyard and for the larger rural garden. No need to break your back or become a professional gardener!

If we were to talk in terms of innovation, Permaculture is disrupting agriculture in the way Apple's MP3 player disrupted the music industry!

As a busy entrepreneur, running my own digital transformation services company since 1987, I was struggling with an unruly and needy vegetable garden for many years, almost to the point of giving up.

But then I discovered Permaculture Design, and it was amazing!

After one year already, my garden had transformed into a haven of abundance, providing high yields of nutritious fruit and vegetables, at a fraction of the labour needed before.

During 2015, I have obtained the internationally recognised PDC - Permaculture Design Certificate. Certification which has validated my practical experience.

In a parallel life, I am the founder of the Geneva Lean Startup Group. And back in 2009, I founded, a Web Content Boutique.

I am proud to be an early supporter of Pangloss Labs, a radiant Greater Geneva-based online Platform with a mission, and a thriving local community.

Fernando González Cortés

I am an independent software developer. My main interests are open source, geographical information systems, statistics and artificial intelligence.

As a software developer I care about:

  • What the client tries to achieve and how best software can help.
  • Finding simple solutions that avoid adding complexity to the codebase.
  • Automating tests and other development best practices, so that the software is stable and the development pace does not fall.
  • Studying how project goals and requirements relate to tasks a software team needs to execute on.


You can take a look at my daily activities in my blog.

A list of my personal projects (to be completed!):

  • Border rampage: Work in progress. A map that shows the speeds of the public transport in the border between Geneva and Saint Genis-Pouilly and Ferney Voltaire and allows to browse the last 24 hours of this data.

I have been part of these development teams:

I have done (small) contributions to

I am a founder member of