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Our Business Lab connects individuals in search of business opportunities. It is also for learning about tools and methodologies for management, sales, marketing and business strategy. Discover everything about our Pangloss Business Academy and the great line up of conference we have prepared for you.

Business Lab Leaders

Franck Riss

After a fairly diversified career: sales engineer in hydraulic pumps, creating a Cyber Café in the Caribbean, creating and selling web space, responsible for Call Center VOIP, trainer and computer maintenance, responsible for customer service for machine tools, creating a service company to the person … and now the next steps are in preparation!

An eclectic journey, but full of rich experiences and very human encounters.The common point throughout: the “service” to people, whether professionals or individuals.

  • One ambition: always keep learning
  • One goal: sharing knowledge

One wish: that the human is no longer the center of the “world” but that the “world” becomes the center of the human.

Klaus Röhrich
Klaus Röhrich

Physicist and Entrepreneur

My vision is solar, hydrogen, sustainable peace and tolerance.
Hi. I'm European, phycisist and entrepreneur. After my PhD I worked in research and eventually ended up at CERN. After eleven years there together with six friends I started in 1995 Creative Services sarl in St. Genis-Pouilly of which I am still managing director (co-gérant). Creative Services is a consulting firm assisting in product development and doing small research tasks. An off-spring of the company was H2 Power Systems ltd in Dublin where I was director as well as working in the development of a solar thermal hydrogen generator. Well, there's a lot more to tell about my experience in research, business, teaching, financing and even with fraud. Don't hesitate contacting me if you are interested.

Yannick Laignel


Looking for problems, trying my best to make a lot of mistakes

My main goal in life is growing, so learning new things, skills, living new experiences and trying to get the most wisdom out of those.

I've done many different jobs and I'll probably do many more. I enjoy writing , both code and actual words, most of it is on my blog

Currently working on a personal project that's eating a LOT of my time :

I like trying to understand how we work through psychology, social psychology, neurosciences, meditation and everything in between.

From my past jobs and hobbies, I've learnt different skills like improv theater, electronics,  stage lighting, project management, coding ( PHP, Javascript ) and a few more things.

Pangloss Labs is a team of productive, creative, smart people which is exactly who I like to hang around with.

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