Education Business Models

Project Description

This project deliverable is book named “Open Business Models” in which Yves Zieba authored a chapter on new open business models in education. The book has already been sold with over 5000 copies.

More widely, this project enables authors, researchers and teachers to be well informed about the different dimensions of online training, notably around the issues of author rights and academic freedom.
Whether it is in a corporate environment, for a University or for developing independent online course, Yves Zieba and his MOOC, DOCC, SPOC Think Tank helps you navigate the different education learning platforms, namely Coursera, edX, OpenEdX, Miranda, Khan Academy, Fun, OpenClassroom, Udemy…

Through regular MeetUps, it helps us understand the technologies used to develop MOOCs and online courses, it offers a forum to understand the issues around the licences.

Last but not least, it presents 8 new business models used by online courses to monetise their content. The book is available to be printed on demand. For any further information, please contact

A second version of the book will be launched soon, focusing on Open Business Models for Sustainability #OM4S

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