OX OpenBuild CNC

Project Description

Paul has built an OX OpenBuild CNC machine at a size of 1500x1000mm. It is capable of cutting wood and plastic up to 70mm thick and with a cutting area of 1260x812mm.

It is using a Smoothieboard as controller with a customised web interface,IMG_20160602_152834 which can only be accessed by the PC next to it. Remote control of this machine is too dangerous and is prevented. There are Emergency Stop switches at both ends of the machine.

Current status: working, has home switches X & Y, and an automatic Z homing plate.

We have end mills, ball mills, engraving bits and a 60degree V-Slot cutter.

Training will be set up soon. Be warned, this is more complicated to use than 3D printers and the laser cutter.

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