OpenHAB SmartLab

Project Description

Paul has set up OpenHAB on a Raspberry Pi 2 for the Ferney-Voltaire Lab.

The idea is to provide an intelligent central point to which we can connect sensors and take actions based on their state – to make Pangloss an intelligent Lab.  One easy-ish thing seems to be setting up presence indications, so we can see when the lab is open and even who is in it in real time.  UPDATE: it’s working, and you can see the status on the top of our web site.

OpenHAB is an open source project using the OSGi standard.  You’ll find lots of information about this at the OpenHab wiki.

We’ve added the MQTT (lightweight machine-to-machine protocol) broker to the raspberry pi, along with the OpenHab bindings.  This has made it easy for us to add multiple sensors and control points around the lab using ESP-8266 modules, programmed using the Arduino IDE.  We have temperature and humidity sensors, relays etc.  Projects being worked on now include wifi-enabling the matrix display and building a dust sensor.  If you want to come and experiment  with an ever growing IoT network, join us.

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