Club Minecraft / Steam / Unity 3D

Project Description
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  • December 14, 2016

The Club Minecraft / Steam / Unity enables players to learn and play together and to go further in the Minecraft video game, and to help them move into programming in the easiest possible way. After some successes, we guide them and organise introduction to Steam and to Unity 3D.

By joining the Club, you will help others solve problems, you will benefit from the experience of other more experienced players, who have faced the same issues as you before. They have alos been through the same steps and can share with you some useful tips and tricks. So

“Come and share what you have created”

Our principle is basic: we organise regular “get together” sessions, most of the time, on Saturday mornings between 10am and 12am. Every get together is an opportunity to learn, with a new Minecraft project, a new Minecraft challenge, a new problem to be solved and new key learning points to master on each occasion.

“Together, we manage to solve issues, that were barriers when we played alone”

During our sessions, you can notably:

  • Play Minecraft with other gamers
  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Understand the various Minecraft versions
  • Understand what Mods are
  • Find the right Mods to create what you want to create
  • Use skins for your character
  • Understand servers, create one, join others’s servers
  • Learn command blocks.
  • Download the map of a real city to play Minecraft in familiar or famous places
  • imagine and invent new kinds of houses, cities, islands, boats, planes….
  • Understand how Minecraft enable you to develop your 3D skills
  • Get started with programming and software development (notably with Java).

and much more (we innovate and invent new challenges each time we meet).

Each club member is invited to bring his own device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Raspberry Pi…).

To know everything about the club, you can follow our page on Facebook, and join our Facebook group to share, comment, discover our local players community.

Last but not least, to keep you up to date with our activities, you can subscribe to our Minecraft Club newsletter by clicking here. (we don’t spam and usually send one or two newsletters per month and you can unsubscribe / opt out any time).

You can also access our selection of educative Minecraft videos here.

So, don’t hesitate any more, and join Hugo, Gwendoline, Noah, Corentin, Arman, Tomasz, Marie, Vince, Leyhan and all the other players who will welcome you in the club, it is yours !