Yves Zieba


*Multicultural Top Executive with strategy, business development, creativity, innovation and change management experience.

*Client business development strategist with track record in Education, Sustainable Energy, Media, Defense, Aerospace and the SMAC stack (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) with leading multinationals and innovators:
- Business model elaboration
- Value Proposition and pricing for nascent technologies.
- Sales and Customer Service Training programme development and execution
- Market assessment, market entry and market launch, especially for wearables and internet of things.

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*Multicultural Executive with creativity, innovation managemen, digital transformation and change management experience.

*High level international business and academic network.

*Strong business track record and 15 years in global sales and customer service.

*Regular public speaker, regular video interviewer/interviewee, commicator, listener.

*Major stakeholder management, key players analysis

*Supporting the entrepreneurship scene in Europe and internationally.

*Experience with Social and Sustainable Innovation, Early Stage Investments, TradeSales and Corporate Venturing.

*Polyvalence across information and communication technology sectors, computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, CMS, e-commerce, cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), big data, mobile applications, gaming, media, VR/AR

*SMAC stack consulting (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) with leading multinationals.

*Focus on Cleantech (Water Management, renewable energy), and Creative Industries (Ethical Fashion, Beauty, Learning Expeditions, Tourism, Outdoor Sport), Industry 4.0, ‘Internet of Things’, Fintech (Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Text Analytics, Crowdfunding).

*Strategic Agility Coach; Corporate Strategy and Business Development; Corporate Digital Learning, Strategy definition, Strategy review, Context Analysis, Simple Rules

*Multilingual Team and Community Builder with successful track record

*Strategy, HR and Sales Alignment.

*Activities: Strategic Agility, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Simplification, Bootstrapping, Digital Content Strategy, Customer Behaviour, News, Data, Customer Segmentation, Management 3.0

*Interests: Behaviour Change, Quality of Life Neuroscience Economics

*Languages: French, English, German, Italian

*Key values: Enthusiasm, Open-Mind, Passion, Inclusiveness, Gender Equality

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