Yves Zieba

Business strategy consultant

Yves Zieba is a Multicultural Top Executive with strategy, business development, creativity, innovation and change management experience.

*Client business development strategist with track record in Education, Sustainable Energy, Media, Defense, Aerospace and the SMAC stack (social media, mobile first, analytics and cloud computing) with leading multinationals and innovators:
- Business model elaboration
- Value Proposition and pricing for nascent technologies.
- Sales and Customer Service Training programme development and execution
- Market assessment, market entry and market launch, especially for wearables and internet of things.

More Info

Yves Zieba

Yves Zieba is one of the co-founder of the Pangloss association and one of the co-founder of Pangloss Geneva association. He is primarily looking after the Strategy.

His Background

He is a Multicultural Executive with creativity, innovation program management, digital transformation and change management experience.

He previously worked for large multinational corporates, such as Thomson Reuters, Total, HP, Evonik Industries, Arthur D.Little and Safran.

*High level international business and academic network, notably with ESCP Europe, ESSEC, EM Lyon, London Business School, IMD, INSEAD, SDA Bocconi, HES-SO (HEG, HEPIA, HEAD), EPFL, University of Geneva, University of Lausanne, University of Neuchatel, University of Fribourg.

*Strong business track record and 15 years in global sales and customer service.

*Regular public speaker, regular video interviewer/interviewee, commicator, listener.

*Major stakeholder management, key players analysis

*Supporting the entrepreneurship scene in Switzerland, France, European Union and internationally.

*Experience with Social and Sustainable Innovation, Early Stage Investments, TradeSales, ICO, Carveouts and Corporate Venturing.

His industries

*Polyvalence across ICT, information and communication technology sectors, computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, CMS, e-commerce, cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), big data, data science, machine learning, mobile applications, gaming, media, VR/AR, blockchain, nanotechnologies

*SMAC stack consulting (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) with leading multinationals.

*Focus on Cleantech (Water Management, renewable energy), and Creative Industries (Ethical Fashion, Beauty, Learning Expeditions, Tourism, Outdoor Sport), Industry 4.0, ‘Internet of Things’, Fintech (Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Text Analytics, Crowdfunding).

His professional skills

*Strategic Agility Coach; Corporate Strategy and Business Development; Corporate Digital Learning, Strategy definition, Strategy review, Context Analysis, Simple Rules Strategy

*Business coach; for Horizon 2020 EIC (SME Instruments, Fast Track to Innovation, FET Open)

*Team Leader and Community Builder online and in real life

*Mentoring and business coaching for the ethical fashion industry

*Strategy, HR and Sales Alignment.

His main activities

Strategic consulting services, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Simplification, Bootstrapping, Digital Content Strategy, Customer Behaviour, News, Data, Customer Segmentation, Management 3.0, Behaviour Change, Quality of Life Neuroscience Economics


French, English, German, Italian

Key values

Enthusiasm, Open-Mind, Inclusiveness, Gender Equality

Social Media and Instant Messaging

You can follow Yves on Twitter (@yveszieba for English and @ziebayves for French) on LinkedIN on Pinterest, on Facebook or on Instagram

He is also using Instant Messaging (Skype, Zoom, What’s App, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat and We Chat).

Web presence

Yves Zieba operates the following websites:


His activities

Yves Zieba works on these innovative projects:

  • Business Lab,
    • Open Model Book
    • Open Models for Sustainability Book
    • Bilingual Business Model Canva (French-English) in Creative Commons
    • Regular Executive MBA Lecturer
    • Pangloss Business Academy (network of experts and coachs)
    • Bootcamp for “priority zones” (Politique de la ville)
    • Design Thinking workshops
    • Effectuation workshops
    • Creativity and Innovation workshops with Universal Design
    • Prospective workshops (on Industry 3.0, 3D printing or Capitalism 3.0)
    • Agile, Scrum, Lean, CMMi, Kanban, Kaizen community (over 5500 group members on LinkedIN)
    • HR Innovation (Artificial Intelligence in HR)
    • Gender equality / Achieving parity in board (award winning project for Transformateur numérique)
  • Education & Culture Lab
  • Urbanism Lab
  • Media Lab
  • Sustainable Development Lab
    • Recycling / Upcycling projects: Détournement d’objets et recyclerie
  • IOT Lab
    • Open Standards
    • New Business Models
    • Conference on Interoperability
    • LORA Wan Gateway (The Things Network)
    • IOT Suisse MeetUp community management
    • Smart Lab (Access Control, Smart Styling, IP presence detection, energy optimisation)
    • Teaching on IIOT and Wearables ecosystem analysis in the Digital Transformation program.

Yves Zieba also coordinated the largest Pangloss event to date, i.e. the Village de la Fete de la Science 2017 (National Science Fair in France) and plans for the Village de la Fete de la Science 2018.

In 2017, 50 volunteers mobilised, 20 booths with activities and experiences and 300 happy visitors. A recap of the event can be found here.

To become one of the association ‘s partner, please do not hesitate to contact Yves Zieba.