Yannick Laignel

Looking for problems, trying my best to make a lot of mistakes

My main goal in life is growing, so learning new things, skills, living new experiences and trying to get the most wisdom out of those.

I've done many different jobs and I'll probably do many more. I enjoy writing , both code and actual words, most of it is on my blog

Currently working on a personal project that's eating a LOT of my time : www.democracia.fr

I like trying to understand how we work through psychology, social psychology, neurosciences, meditation and everything in between.

From my past jobs and hobbies, I've learnt different skills like improv theater, electronics,  stage lighting, project management, coding ( PHP, Javascript ) and a few more things.

Pangloss Labs is a team of productive, creative, smart people which is exactly who I like to hang around with.

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