Klaus Röhrich

My vision is solar, hydrogen, sustainable peace and tolerance.
Hi. I'm European, phycisist and entrepreneur. After my PhD I worked in research and eventually ended up at CERN. After eleven years there together with six friends I started Creative Services sarl in St. Genis-Pouilly of which I am still managing director (co-gérant). Creative Services is a consulting firm assisting in product development and doing small research tasks. An off-spring of the company was H2 Power Systems ltd in Dublin where I was director as well as working in the development of a solar thermal hydrogen generator and in particular in improving really high temperature (>2000°C) ceramic components. Well, there's a lot more to tell about my experience in research, business, teaching, financing and even with fraud :-). Don't hesitate contacting me if you are interested.

I’m from Mainz in Germany and arrived in the Pays de Gex in 1986 to work at CERN. In 1994 I went through a half-year start-up training course and in May 1995, together with six other physicists, I founded CS logo Created Services sarl. At the time I was still working at CERN but joined Creative Services two years later in August 1997. We worked as scientific consultants in a variety of activities from software development for private customers in Germany and France, and for WHO in Geneva via detector construction for CERN’s accelerators to micro wave applications like a medical waste sterilizer.

In such varied environment it was not a surprise that we made some inventions. Our first patent was about a shredder with linear moving blades. More relevant to my career was a patent application that we submitted in 2002 followed by two more applications in 2004 and 2006. All three patents were granted. The patents defined a hydrogen generator which would make the gas from water using concentrated solar heat in an economic way. A fascinating subject but a really challenging undertaking.

From 2006 onwards I was basically working for and on our solar thermal hydrogen production method. The project needed a lot of funds in particular for the development of ultra high temperature ceramics components. We got funds in 2007 which were related to a substantial financial fraud affaire which involved people and firms in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Spain. We did some development work while behind our back the fraud was going on. it took us much of 2007 and 2008 to discover the whole affaire and prepare complaints with FINRA and SEC in the US and the procureur in Geneva. To round up, I was later giving talks to students at the Business & Management University (BMU) in Geneva on this case.

It took us another year to recover from that disaster. For tax reasons potential private investors in Geneva made us move our solar hydrogen project to the Isle of Man where we created H2 Power Systems ltd. However, it did not stay there for long. Eventually we found an Irish investor who requested the project to move to Dublin where it received 2.5 million euros.

From 2010 to 2014 we worked on the development of the solar hydrogen generator and actually produced some hydrogen (very little though) with a laboratory reactor. Unfortunately our sponsor had gone into liquidation in October 2012 and when the funds dried out the project remained unfinished. The liquidation process of the sponsor, who owned half of the project, blocked all attempts to move on and year by year the patents lapsed until in July 2016 nothing was left.

So after some exciting years in a different world I am now back at Creative Services in Saint Genis. After the long break from consulting activities I’m thinking more about entertaining myself as “nestor” to young entrepreneurs rather than doing much business myself.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for my professional career. Otherwise there is my Facebook stuff where I publish some things from time to time.

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