Our Innovation Labs

Urbanism Lab

Everything related to improving the conditions in which we live. From smart cities to civic techs, we try to make it easier and more fun to function as a group of humans.

Fab Lab

Hands on building (almost) anything. With equipment from 3D printers to laser cutters to large format CNC machines.

Business Lab

Connects individuals in search of business opportunities. Is also for learning about tools and methodologies for management, sales, marketing and business strategy.

Internet of Things Lab

Designing and creating objects that connect to the Internet and each other. This is also the place for AI, bots, dataviz and things generally interacting with the internet and the real world.

Mechatronics Lab

Robots, Drones, Systems, Automated guided vehicles
Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary area of engineering that combines mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science.

Health Lab

The health lab is interested in physical, mental and social well-being. Nutrition, Exercise, Relaxation

Art & Design Lab

The Art and Design lab proposes a place for creatives, graphic and web designers and artists where you can exchange knowledge, learn about other people’s projects and anything towards the creative thinking.

Media Lab

Covering all forms of media, from websites to audio, video, gaming, retro-gaming and virtual reality.

Sustainable Development Lab

Searching to fulfill the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Culture & Education Lab

Discovering the science of teaching and the passion for learning anything.