Our Values

Pangloss is a non political and a non-religious association. We welcome everyone but never express any preference.

Our values include courtesy, men/women equality, diversity, inclusivity, respect for people and for animals, respect for nature. We value collaboration, integrity, non violence and non violent communication, tolerance and fraternity with all nations.

We work with everyone in transparency, with clarity and reciprocity in mind. We are clear with our commitments and we expect the same from our members and partners.

We make the delineation of roles, responsibilities and activities clear between what the association does and what its members do.

Our values are inspired by the collaborative, green and inclusive economy, the co-working mindset, the tiers-lieux / shared space approach and the eco-fablab movement.

We are also committed to encourage scientific research, technologic and technical research.

We are constantly looking for innovative products and solutions who bring comfort, well being and health for the future planet.

We communicate on our results and events, as well as on our new products and discoveries on every occasion.

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