Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 ways to pay your subscription for Pangloss Labs membership:

  1. Cash
  2. Bank Transfer to: France Bank: Credit Mutuel, IBAN : FR7610278073630002130510140, BIC : CMCIFR2A)
  3. Online via HelloAsso

Currently we have multiple 3D printers, covering filament-based (single, dual and mixing), DLP and sintering technologies, including a giant machine that can roughly print a full-size chair.  We have three CNC machines (2x 3 axis & one 4 axis), a laser cutter, 3D scanners, and a vinyl cutter.  If you have a machine sitting under-used at home, come talk to us.

Like all fablabs, you need to be trained on the machines in the lab.

Once you’ve attended a training course you’re good to reserve the machine for a small hourly fee.  The machines cannot be reserved during the Open Pangloss slots, as they’ll be in use for demo purposes – but as a Pangloss member you could be the one doing the demo!

Pangloss is a fictional character in the 1759 novel called Candide by Voltaire. Pangloss’ full name is Dr. Peter Pangloss. Dr. Pangloss is Candide’s tutor and mentor. He teaches that in this best of all possible worlds, everything happens out of absolute necessity, and that everything happens for the best. Like Dr. Pangloss’ teachings, our association believes in the same “curious, optimistic” philosophy.

We create and we animate third-places and eco-fablabs to support the development of local entrepreneurial activities to undertake. Our group is non-political, non-religious and open to all who love to innovate and co-create together.

This place will be a welcoming space, warm, open, practical, multicultural, located in a city center, connected with other areas of the same type.

Good things happen when you join Pangloss !

Pangloss members get the following benefits:

* Access to the innovation laboratories in priority order, at a discounted price

* Invitations to events

* Freebies and discounts in events

* Advise/counsel from experts

Please go to our Events Calendar and check what’s coming up. If you are a member, you are entitled for membership benefits like discounts, freebies and other cool stuff !

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